28 Oct 2009

New tuna farm off Hawaii sets 2012 as production target

1:40 pm on 28 October 2009

A tuna farming company in Hawaii is hoping to have fish to market by 2012.

Hawaii regulators approved a Honolulu company's plan to build the nation's first bigeye tuna farm in waters off the Big Island of Hawaii.

Hawaii Oceanic Technology will build spherical cages, or oceanspheres, each with a diameter half the length of a football field, which would be submerged in state waters.

The company's CEO, Bill Spencer, says there are still a couple of permits to obtain, and the company hopes to have a cage in the water by the end of 2010, or early 2011.

"We have hatchery facilities in two locations on the big island, so we're working on all the biology aspects of the project. It takes about a year to grow them to about 100 pounds, so we hope to have fish to market by 2012."

Bill Spencer of Hawaii Oceanic Technology.