28 Oct 2009

Cooks petition calls for political reform

1:37 pm on 28 October 2009

There's a call for political reform in the Cook Islands with a petition launched late last week.

Organiser Teina Mackenzie says the current political system is holding the country back.

She says she was sparked into action after attending a public briefing of the government's Economic Taskforce where it was made plain that changes were needed if the country was to grow.

Ms Mackenzie says the Taskforce recommended the number of MPs be cut to 19 from 24, with ten national representatives and nine constituency seats to be filled by the country's mayors.

She says this would make MPs more accountable.

"Unfortunately right now a lot goes in government and if there is still a lot of the community not happy they still can do [it]. It's as if, you know, they are just kind of going off on their own. That's why I think for this particular for the petition has gained momentum, because everyone has had enough of having enough."

Ms Mackenzie says they are aiming for four thousand signatures before submitting the petition to government.