9 Nov 2009

Former Netball Fiji's NZ coach forced to leave country despite court case

2:35 pm on 9 November 2009

The former Netball Fiji coach Melissa Walker says she believes she's being forced out of Fiji so Netball Fiji can avoid paying the salary owed to her.

Ms Walker, who is a New Zealander, was served a notice by the Immigration Department on Friday that she must leave Fiji within seven days.

She says she's applying to extend the notice in order to attend a hearing for a court case she filed against Netball Fiji over a breach of contract and money owed.

"It's hard enough trying to get any form of communication from them. The last sort of communication that I had from Netball Fiji was they knew that there was money due to me and any money that was owed to me, the balance, that they would make sure they would get it to me. That was the last information I had from Patsy Rokoua who is on the executive. And then I haven't been able to get hold of her ever since."

Melissa Walker says the court hearing is on November the 24th and is hoping to remain in Fiji until then.