17 Nov 2009

Samoa's EPC warns against tampering with meters

8:48 am on 17 November 2009

Samoa's Electric Power Corporation has warned the public that tampering with meters would result in prosecution.

The Samoa Observer reports that the EPC has already referred 25 cases of meter tampering to the police and several arrests have been made.

Some of the accused are on bail and are due to appear before the courts on November 17.

The EPC says meter shifting and meter tampering in order to fraudulently obtain electricity has been a grave concern of EPC in relation to the safety of its consumers and their households, and has caused a great loss of revenue to the corporation.

EPC and the police have launched a joint operation in an effort to clamp down on offenders.

The EPC says anyone caught tampering with a meter will have their supply disconnected at once and the offender will also face a hefty fine.