20 Nov 2009

American Samoa seen as a difficult place to enter - says consultants

12:23 pm on 20 November 2009

Some non-U.S. visitors to the territory have referred to American Samoa as one of the hardest places to enter because of immigration policies.

Non US citizens and nationals have to apply for a 30 day permit prior to arrival, which costs 40 US dollars, but Australia and New Zealand citizens are exempt.

The R.C.A Consultants, - tasked with drawing the blue print that will guide tourism development in the territory for the next 10 to 15 years, have discussed American Samoa's immigration rules with the Attorney General's Office.

R.C.A Consultant, Cate Thero, says the authorities are willing to make changes.

"One of the areas that they were talking about specifically was we were talking about specific policies about who has to pay, and who doesn't . And it sounded like it wasn't a definitive situation for everyone. And then we talked about there potentially needing to be more as needed as more tourists came to make that a more definitive immigration policy, so that people would know about it and that it would be readily available to them in their home countries."

RCA Consultant, Cate Thero.