23 Nov 2009

New Caledonian media professionals launch internet TV site

4:06 pm on 23 November 2009

A team of New Caledonian media professionals has launched the territory's first internet-based television website, called tatele.nc or your TV.

The team consists of 15 volunteers from the traditional media, including television, newspapers and a news agency.

Our correspondent in Noumea, Claudine Wery, who's one of the volunteers, says the team wants to make a difference.

"They wanted to open up the media offer in New Caledonia, which is very narrow, because there are only two TV stations that are public. Tatele has almost a dozen of programmes, which are different programmes that we're not used to see."

Claudine Wery says they want to offer more programmes, including news bulletins, once the operation has grown.