23 Nov 2009

New Caledonia gets its first internet based TV

8:13 pm on 23 November 2009

New Caledonian media professionals say they need more funding to make the territory's first internet-based TV website fully viable.

The 15 member team from the territory's traditional media last week launched its tatele.nc or your TV website.

Tatele features ten one to fifteen minute shows about artists, musicians, politicians or others with the programmes updated every three days.

A team member, camerawoman and director, Satu Von Hallens says the territory's southern province is contributing 190,000 US dollars towards the project.

But Ms Von Hallens says the team needs to raise another 830,000 US dollars to ensure its long term viability.

"We've asked the northern province government, and also in particular people that have money, they can help us. And of course publicity, advertsing. The town hall also gave us some money. But what we really need is private help to get all we need."

Satu Von Hallens