24 Nov 2009

Tonga gets better business registry operation

3:41 pm on 24 November 2009

The International Finance Corporation, which is a member of the World Bank Group, says an electronic system that's to be introduced in Tonga will improve business operations.

The registry system, which will go online on December the 1st, is to make it easier for businesses to register.

It replaces the registry which was destroyed when the registry office was burnt down during the 2006 riots.

Christopher Hartwell, an advisor with the International Finance Corporation, says the new system is more transparent and easier to use.

"This electronic online registry that is going to ease the amount of time that it takes for companies to start a business here in Tonga and it's also going to allow businesses to be able to search online for directors, for shareholders and for company names to make sure that they're not going to register using a different company name."

Christopher Hartwell says up to 200,000 US dollars has been invested in the project.