24 Nov 2009

Star Kist Samoa hiring more workers to meet increased demand

9:50 pm on 24 November 2009

Despite cutting back its American Samoa workforce in the last few months, Star Kist Samoa has had to begin hiring additional workers to meet an increase in demand for canned tuna.

General manager Brett Butler says they need an additional 150 workers but stressed that these are temporary jobs only.

The new Star Kist hiring began last week.

Mr Butler says it's worked out that the increase in market demand for tuna has coincided with the post-tsunami demand for jobs and Star Kist is happy to be able to offer temporary employment for some of those looking for work.

He says many of the new hirees have had experience in tuna production work but he would not say if they are former Samoa Packing employees.

Samoa Packing closed on September 30, putting more than 2,000 people out of work.