24 Nov 2009

Census collectors will be reimbursed for work costs, says Solomons govt

9:46 pm on 24 November 2009

The Solomons Government Statistician, Nick Gagahe, says there are sufficient funds to be able to complete the gathering of census information.

Complaints have been surfacing that while on the job, enumerators are being asked to use their own money for transport.

Mr Gagahe says the funding is provided for, but has not always been available at the time it was needed.

He says everyone will get reimbursed for whatever they spend, and most should not have too far to go:

"They do their work around the locality of their permanent residence so I don't think that will cause problems in terms of needing money to get around becuase they just look after around 50 households and most of these households are within the proximity of their own residential areas ."

Mr Gagahe says the information from this census must be collected by December the 4th.