3 Dec 2009

Fiji's Finance Ministry plans to outsource some govt services

11:17 am on 3 December 2009

Fiji's Finance Ministry says plans to outsource some government services will mean a further drop in the number of civil servants who'll retire next year.

The Fiji Times reports that under the compulsory retirement policy three hundred government employees leave the civil service in 2010.

But the paper reports the ministry's permanent secretary John Prasad confirming that several government services including road upgrades and Public Works Department functions will be outsourced to local as well as overseas contractors.

The permanent secretary in the Prime Minister's office Pio Tikoduadua told the paper outsourcing doesn't necessarily mean that people will lose jobs but that competitive private sector-led growth will be made in those industries.

He says private companies will need to hire those who retire, so outsourcing will not create a vaccuum.

More than two thousand civil servants retired after the compulsory retirement policy was implemented in April.