11 Dec 2009

CNMI inoculates nearly 6 thousand - mostly children - against H1N1

9:46 am on 11 December 2009

The CNMI's Department of Public Health reports that nearly 6,000 individuals in the territory, mostly children, have been inoculated with the H1N1 vaccines.

As of last week, a total of 3,556 elementary students in both private and public schools were provided the free vaccines.

In addition, private health providers and outreach programmes, including the Head Start programme, recorded 2,135 inoculations.

The vaccinations were conducted in 10 private and public schools, seven Head Start centers, five private providers, eight public providers, and two outreach programs.

Health officials continue to see signs of the virus' presence in the community but the DPH still reports zero H1N1-related deaths, unlike Guam, which has had two deaths already.