14 Dec 2009

Solomons recommendation to re-arm some police units could help restore confidence

4:50 am on 14 December 2009

The Solomon Islands Parliament Foreign Relations Committee says rearming some special units within the police will be a step forward in restoring confidence in armed forces.

The Committee's recommendation is one of 15 published in its report on the inquiry into the RAMSI intervention.

The Chairman of the Committee, Peter Boyers, says the country has lost confidence in armed police and regaining that begins with rearming certain components of the police, such as the close protection unit and riot squad.

He says the report recommends the rearming be carried out with RAMSI's consultation.

"While RAMSI is here we can take baby steps in gradually capacitising our Solomon Islands police force with that oversight and partnership, making sure that that confidence is restored while they're here."

Peter Boyers says the issue is being discussed by Parliament.