15 Dec 2009

Tonga observer confident reform process is on track

3:33 pm on 15 December 2009

A newspaper publisher in Tonga says he is confident that the democratic reform programme remains on track and that the government is committed to the process.

The Public Servants Association says the Government is watering down the reforms and could delay the planned elections in November next year under the amendments.

But the Taimi O Tonga's Kalafi Moala says that's not the case.

He says he is quite surprised how well all the MPs have worked through the recommendations made by the Constitutional and Electoral Commission.

"Talking to people on the Government side as well as People's Representatives - they are both confident that they are going to meet the deadline. That's why they are holding extra sessions during the holidays, that's why they have been working overtime, having evening sessions, because they feel that they want to come in the next session next year all ready to formulate these legislations."

Kalafi Moala of the Taimi O Tonga