15 Dec 2009

Commonwealth Ombudsman condemns Manek shooting in PNG

10:25 pm on 15 December 2009

The Commonwealth Ombudsman and Chair of the Pacific Ombudsman Alliance, Professor John McMillan, has condemned the shooting of his colleague and friend, Papua New Guinea's Chief Ombudsman Chronox Manek.

Mr Manek was shot at outside his home in an apparent assasination attempt, sustaining a wound to his shoulder.

He received hospital treatment but is now recuperating at home.

Professor McMillan said that since his appointment in 2008, Mr Manek has dedicated himself to safeguarding PNG' s citizens through his fearless investigation of complaints against government officials and agencies.

He said Mr Manek's leadership of the Ombudsman Commission of PNG and courageous fight against corruption have served to strengthen a well-deserved reputation for independence.

Professor McMillan said the attempt on Mr Manek's life is of great concern to the Ombudsman community worldwide.