17 Dec 2009

Much of Fiji still without power after Cyclone Mick

1:10 pm on 17 December 2009

Thousands of people in Fiji are still with out electricity - three days after cyclone Mick struck much of the country.

Several cities and towns as well as villages are affected by the power cuts.

A Disaster Management Officer, Aisea Quinakelo, says the water supply is dependent on power so that is where recovery efforts are now focussed.

"The main priority now is the restoration of the power, the restoration of water, ensuring that the drinking water is safe and sound, and the provision of food for those at the evacuation centres, also those who may be affected seriously and are still remaining at their homes."

Aisea Quinakelo says while some displaced people have returned home, more than 2,600 are still in evacuation centres.

He says flood waters have receded, roads have been reopened throughout Viti Levu and he hopes the power will be back in most areas by the weekend.