17 Dec 2009

Cyclone prompts Fiji food price hikes

3:37 pm on 17 December 2009

A Chamber of Commerce official in Fiji says consumers will face high prices because of the damage to crops caused by Cyclone Mick.

The cyclone swept through on Monday, downing power lines, trees, damaging buildings and causing widespread flooding.

The vice president of the Lautoka Chamber, Peter Drysdale, says many shops in Lautoka have reopened, but there are intermittent power cuts.

He says there's been extensive damage to staples like cassava, while banana and sugar cane plantations were battered.

"There will be a shortage of cassava and the prices will rise dramatically. The same thing happens with like cabbages and eggplant - a lot of eggplant is grown here by the Indian community especially. Those crops have been very severely hit and there'll be shortage and high prices at the market for sure."

Peter Drysdale, the Vice president of Lautoka Chamber of Commerce