19 Dec 2009

Pacific countries may look at resettlement talks if demands are not met says Solomon Islands

10:28 am on 19 December 2009

There are reports Pacific countries will insist on immediate discussions for their resettlement if a climate change agreement does not meet their demands on global temperature rises.

Pacific countries, as part of the Alliance of Small Island States, have consistently stated that global temperature rises must be limited to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels to ensure their survival.

One of the draft agreements that's been discussed at the Copenhagen climate change conference says the limit should be 2 degrees, with a review in 2016 that would consider a 1.5 degree limit.

But Solomon Islands ambassador to the United Nations, Collin Beck says Pacific countries will refuse to sign anything other than a goal of 1.5 degrees or less.

He says if this does not happen they will insist on immediate discussions on resettlement or relocation, and not wait for another meeting.