29 Dec 2009

Fiji's main infrastructure now back in operation after cyclone damage

2:44 pm on 29 December 2009

Most of the infrastructure in Fiji damaged by Cyclone Mick has now been restored.

The cyclone hit several islands, including Viti Levu, two weeks ago, claiming two lives and caused widespread flooding.

The National Disaster Management Office has confirmed the Fiji Electricity Authority has inspected and repaired all damaged lines.

The Acting Director of the Disaster Management Office, Pajilai Dobui, says at the same time, the main water supply has also been restored.

"Most of the water in Fiji is powered by the electricity so once the electricity's cut, the water similarly is also cut. So when the electricity's restored, as most of the power stations are powered by the electricity, the majority of the water supply are back on track again."

Pajilai Dobui says only a few homes have yet to regain power and water after their connections to the main electricity source were damaged.