8 Jan 2010

Tonga tertiary institute hopes grant will develop education

1:52 pm on 8 January 2010

The Free Wesleyan Church in Tonga says it hopes a government education grant will help develop its tertiary courses.

The government has announced it's giving more than 500,000 US dollars of financial assistance to eight non-government technical and vocational education and technical institutions.

One of the recipients, the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga, says the grant will enhance its business, technology and IT training programmes.

Its President of Education, Feleti Atiola, says the institute hopes to use some of the money to fund new courses.

"Now in Tonga we have a lot of school leavers who've come out of high schools, not knowing where to go, when they would like to pursue some courses which lead to a career that fits their particular area of strength for challenge."

Feleti Atiola says if plans go ahead, the institute will be hiring more teachers and acquiring more resources.