11 Jan 2010

Palau's President Toribiong plans to reopen consulates on Saipan, Guam

1:54 pm on 11 January 2010

Palau's President, Johnson Toribiong, has said he will reopen as soon as possible the Palau consular offices on Saipan and Guam.

During a trip to the Northern Marianas for the Governor's inauguration, he said the move will be funded under a supplemental budget following a result of fresh infusion of direct financial assistance from the US.

The Palau consulates on Saipan and Guam closed on December the 31st due to funding constraints.

Mr Toribiong met some 70 members of the Palauan community on Saipan yesterday afternoon.

The president said he has also received letters from Palauans on Saipan and Guam, urging him to do the best he can to reopen both offices.