19 Jan 2010

Issues of quality emerge in post-tsunami rebuilding efforts in Samoa

9:03 pm on 19 January 2010

Habitat for Humanity New Zealand says quality issues with local timber supplies in Samoa is one of the reasons for delays in rebuilding efforts after the tsunami.

Several families in the Aleipata district are still living in temporary shelters and some are complaining that the government should have given them the seven and a half thousand US dollar home aid instead.

But Habitat for Humanity's project manager for the Samoa Rebuild, Maea Luamanu, says the main difficulty with the rebuilding efforts in Samoa is determining clear titles to the land.

He says another issue that has slowed the process has been the fact that local building supplies have not been up to standard.

"NZ Aid and OzAid monies came with the tag that it must be used to support the local economy. What happens is we recieve all of the goods in a bulk facility and then we say we've recieved or rejected this. Now unfortunately there was an issue of quality to start with so there was a higher rejection rate of local timber."

Maea Luamanu says however since consultation with the government and local suppliers, quality should be improved.