19 Jan 2010

Fiji Chamber of Commerce concerned about workers from defunct airline

9:03 pm on 19 January 2010

Fiji's Chamber of Commerce sympathises with workers from the now defunct airline Air Fiji who are still awaiting compensation after nine months.

Chamber president Swani Maharaj says although a compensation claim has been officially lodged, it's likely to take a long time for those former employees to get paid, if at all.

He says the company is facing a number of outstanding payments since the airline's demise last April.

He says travelling consumers have also been at a financial disadvantage.

"From the consumer point of view, from the Fiji chamber point of view, I feel that we've lost some competition in local flights and the Pacific Island flights that we've had with Pacific Sun with the flights that have been introduced by Air Pacific. But we are really concerned about the workers and whether they will be compensated in the future."

The president of Fiji's Chamber of Commerce, Swani Maharaj.