21 Jan 2010

Claiming absolute control, Fiji military issues stern warning

11:33 am on 21 January 2010

Fiji citizens are again being warned to behave and watch what they say, with the military saying it will not tolerate any anti-government activities.

The Land Force commander, Brigadier Pita Driti, says not only Methodist church members should take heed of the warning, but all people because the Public Emergency Regulation is still in place.

Brigadier Driti says the administration will hunt detractors down and make sure they were taken to task for their words or actions.

He says people should be careful and keep still.

He has also called to support the leaders and do not do what might be regretted later in life.

Brigadier-General Driti says under the emergency regulation, the military and security forces retain absolute control.

Emergency rule was last renewed two weeks ago.