20 Jan 2010

600 Fiji students granted free stationery

5:14 pm on 20 January 2010

About 600 primary and secondary school students in Fiji have so far been granted free stationery this year.

Every year the aid organisation Save the Children Fiji supports families who can't afford to buy stationery in the new school year.

The Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children, Chandra Shekhar, says the recipients are from all parts of the country but mostly from squatter settlements.

He says so far all families that have applied for assistance have received it and it's expecting more requests next week when the new school term begins.

"The schools give a book list which identifies how many exercise books. So whatever the number and the size, we provide those exercise books. There are also lecture pads and we have got technical drawing, graphic design pads, dictionaries, atlases, mathematical sets, calculators, writing utensils or rubber pencils."

Chandra Shekhar says the organisation can cater for 2,000 but the demand has been much lower than last year's figure of ten thousand applications.