1 Feb 2010

Only one person has pension stopped in Fiji so far under new decree

12:17 pm on 1 February 2010

Fiji's Permanent Secretary for Information has confirmed that only one person has had his pension stopped under a new interim government decree.

The decree gives the interim prime minister the power to stop government pensions and benefits to those who criticise or undermine the regime, or incite hatred.

The Secretary for Information, Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni, says the person who has had his pension cut has the opportunity to explain why it shouldn't be stopped.

He also says the decree is not targetted at any particular group.

"It's only those that the government sees to be undermining the government efforts in moving the country forward who will be taken to task."

The political party which was ousted from power by the military, the SDL, expects more than 40 of its members will lose their pensions under the decree.