2 Feb 2010

Cooks launches green energy drive

2:41 pm on 2 February 2010

The Cook Islands National Energy Committee says a new project aimed at reducing carbon emissions and domestic power bills gives families the chance to generate income.

The national project was launched last week by the Deputy Prime minister and enables households to produce energy using solar panels and wind power.

The Chairman of the Energy Committee, James Beer, says if homeowners create more energy than they need, the excess is placed on the main power grid and in return they receive cash at the retail electricity price.

He says these households not only get free power but they can make a profit.

"At the moment we're paying about seventy two cents, which is about five to six hundred percent more than most countries in our region. And that five to six hundred percent means that Cook Islanders who can generate energy from renewable energy technology that is far less over the long term, and even over the medium term than it costs for diesel generation ensures then at least Cook Islanders have some sort of income generation."

James Beer says the country can also cut down its carbon emissions with less reliance on fossil fuels.