8 Feb 2010

Fiji's regime stops pensions to 20 former government ministers

11:59 am on 8 February 2010

The interim government in Fiji has stopped the pensions of more than 20 former ministers of past governments.

The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation reports the permanent secretary to the Prime Minister's office Colonel Pio Tikoduadua as saying it is not a cost cutting measure, but is something that just had to be done.

A decree passed by the interim regime gives the Prime Minister the power to stop government pensions and benefits to those who criticise or undermine the regime, or incite hatred.

The former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has already confirmed that he has been stripped of his pension following the passing of a decree by government.

Earlier the political party which was ousted from power by the military, the SDL, said it expected more than 40 of its members will lose their pensions under the decree.