8 Feb 2010

Mystery surround Fiji regime claim that 20 former Ministers have lost pensions

4:18 pm on 8 February 2010

The party ousted from power in the 2006 coup in Fiji says its confused by reports more than 20 former ministers of past governments have had their pensions cut.

The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation reports that a government spokesperson says the stopping of pensions is something that has to be done.

That follows the passing of a decree which gives the Prime Minister the power to stop government pensions to those who criticise or undermine the regime, or incite hatred.

SDL general secretary, Peceli Kinivuwai says his party has not been told that any of its members have lost their pensions, although they may have been notified personally.

"We also find it rather confusing, the checklist that they used to single out in particular, members of the SDL team that have been found to be accused of saying unfavourable remarks against the government."

Peceli Kinivuwai says his party would be disappointed if its members lost their pensions because they are a payment for time served.