11 Feb 2010

Women central to achievement of development goals: UNDP

8:03 am on 11 February 2010

The chair of the United Nations Development Programme says a focus on women is key to reaching global targets for improving human lives.

Helen Clark made the comment in the context of issues raised by the Pacific Conference on the Global Economic Crisis being held in Vanuatu this week.

The UN's Millennium Development Goals, agreed by world leaders a decade ago, include aims to cut poverty, hunger, disease, and maternal and child deaths as well as secure universal primary education by 2015.

Miss Clark says the world is on track to meet the targets relating to poverty and disease, and close to achieving those for infant deaths and education.

"The idea of the three-day MDG summit in New York at the opening of the general assembly in September is to re-energise the goals and to get new commitments. Where the goals are struggling is in areas like maternal health, empowering women and it's very important that this year has a very big gender perspective applied to it. Because you can't achieve MDGs if women aren't part of it."

Helen Clark of the United Nations Development Programme.