17 Feb 2010

Calls in Samoa for dog control to be introduced

11:18 am on 17 February 2010

A vet at Samoa's Animal Protection Society, APS, is calling for laws around dog control to be introduced this year, requiring all dogs to be registered.

Hanna Siemering, one of just two vets in the country, says the problem with local dogs is that many of them bite children and adults, tourists and carry diseases.

The Ministry of Environment has teamed up with the Tourism Authority, the Animal Society and an American veterinary group called Animal Balance, to begin sterilizing stray cats and dogs from next week.

Hanna Siemering says the campaign is aimed at trying to control the growing population of stray cats and dogs, given many locals dont' take proper care of their pets.

"APS has for the last two years I've been here to work with the government, both the ministry of the environment and tourism and the health department and the police department, because we can do a so much better job. Two vets alone can't even put a dent in it. So I'm really pleased. We're even looking at possibly getting a dog control bill passed in parliament."

Hana Siemering says the upcoming campaign to neuter dogs and cats starts on Febuary 24.