17 Feb 2010

Solomon Islanders need to know more about political parties integrity bill says chief

11:20 am on 17 February 2010

A community chief in Temotu province in Solomon Islands has criticised authors of the Solomon Islands Political Parties Integrity bill for trying to rush it through Parliament without properly consulting people.

Chief Ataban Mwelo says an awareness meeting was held in one of the three constituencies n the province on Monday.

But he says information about the meeting only reached the public whilst the meeting was in progress and some people only received notice after it had ended.

Officials from the Office of the Prime Minister held the public meeting at a private resort with a handful of Temotuans to get their views on the proposed bill.

Chief Mwelo says the political Parties Integrity bill is so important that all Solomon Islanders should be well aware of its implications before it goes back to Parliament for another bid to pass it.