24 Feb 2010

Consumers in Fiji told to be aware of poor quality meat

11:53 am on 24 February 2010

Consumers in Fiji are being warned to be aware of poor quality meat being sold as premium grade.

The Consumer Council says meat is becoming a major problem as low grade meat is being imported and sold at high prices.

Its Chief Executive Officer Premila Kumar says people must be cautious about what they're buying.

"We're advising advising consumers that they need to be responsible as well. Their case is when they see that the meat is not of good quality then they should just simply don't buy them. They should just move away from it, rather than buying and raising these issues. So they've got to be vigilant."

Premila Kumar says some good policies exist to protect shoppers but says new standards must be introduced to ensure poor quality meat isn't coming through the border.