24 Feb 2010

Samoa tourism operators urged to protect environment

2:03 pm on 24 February 2010

The CEO of Samoa's Hotel Association is alerting small business operators to help prevent the spread of algae.

Algae flourish in parts of the sea where liquid waste gets to from either faulty septic tanks or dripping sinks.

Fertilisers used in farms can also get into waterways boosting algae growth.

Nynette Sass says people need to think differently about this major environmental problem that is preventable.

"Nobody has ever explained this before to the public. They don't think it's a serious problem. But we've observed ourselves around the island that there has been a lot of algae growth and that is a direct result of leaching."

Nynette Sass says people need to familiarise themselves with standards set by the Planning and Urban Management Agency on how waste should be disposed of properly .