25 Feb 2010

More effort needed to solve root causes of conflict in Pacific - UNDP expert

9:14 pm on 25 February 2010

A conflict resolution expert, Tracy Vienings, says Pacific countries have to put more effort into overcoming issues of marginalisation and inequality.

She says these are often at the root of conflict and more effort needs to go into connnecting peace building with development.

This is one of the key issues before a United Nations Development Programme meeting in Suva, called Strengthening Capacities for Peace and Development, involving Governments, NGOs and regional agencies.

Ms Vienings says while the region has in the past discussed the root causes of problems, governments and civil sociey have struggled to take action.

"And the reason that they don't is that because they are politicised issues and are very difficult. They require long term solutions but governments and civil society are not necessarily addressing them at the moment."

Tracy Vienings