1 Mar 2010

Fiji people take heed of tsunami warning

5:50 am on 1 March 2010

Fiji's Disaster Management Office says people across the nation took yesterday's tsunami warnings very seriously with last September's deadly tsunami in Polynesia fresh in their memory.

A warning was issued for much of the Pacific in the early hours of the morning following an 8-point-8 earthquake in Chile.

The disaster office's director Viliame Tuimanu says that Fiji's coast has had no unusual wave activity.

But he says that in reaction to the tsunami alert, coastal Fiji communities were prudent in taking precautions such as moving themselves to higher ground.

"The good response that we've seen now was because of what happened in Samoa. The lessons learnt from Samoa is the biggest influence in how we responded these days. And it was unlike before when people don't take heed of the warning. But the response was very good."