4 Mar 2010

Fiji's new decree decriminalising homosexuality welcomed

11:41 am on 4 March 2010

A member of Fiji's gay community is applauding a new decree decriminalising homosexuality, saying it legally validates gay rights.

Asaeli Sinusetaki, a member of the gay organisation Men Fiji, says it paves the way for people like him to be more open about their sexuality and to be comfortable in their own skins in public.

He says it's a sure sign that Fiji's becoming more liberal.

"For myself it is such a huge step that this change has come up now. The fact that Fiji has become the first Pacific nation to decriminalise it. I think it's a huge step and I think its a great step for homosexual and gay men here in Fiji and it's a great thing that this has happened."

Asaeli Sinusetaki says he hopes that the next step, gay marriage, will eventually be taken.