8 Mar 2010

Aitutaki fund trustees in the Cooks assure it will be used for most benefit

2:40 pm on 8 March 2010

A plan is being developed in the Cook Islands to ensure the maximum benefit is obtained from funds collected by the Aitutaki Cyclone Appeal committee.

Much of the atoll was devastated by Cyclone Pat last month.

The committee chair, George George, says there has been some negative comment about the fund, but the public can be assured the money is safe and that it will be used where the people of Aitutaki will gain the most benefit.

To date over 100 thousand US dollars has been raised and banked.

Mr George says around 10 thousand US dollars in radiothon pledges are yet to be paid.

The total cost of damage on the island has been put at around 14 million dollars.