9 Mar 2010

Fiji authorities consider fresh moves against Ballu Khan

3:04 pm on 9 March 2010

Police in Fiji are still consulting with the public prosecutors over whether it is possible to pursue fresh charges against Fiji-born New Zealand businessman, Ballu Khan.

Mr Khan was originally detained with a group of men, eight of whom were last week found guilty of conspiring to murder the interim Prime Minister.

He won a stay of proceedings against him after claiming wrongful detention and assault and his lawyer says he cannot face charges over the alleged plot again.

But High Court Judge, Justice Paul Madigan, while sentencing the eight last week, said he had no doubt the plot was hatched and orchestrated by Ballu Khan.

Mr Khan's Lawyer, Peter Williams, QC, says even if new charges of some sort were brought, extradition would not be a possibility:

"There's be no obligation, no extradition would ever be granted because an extradition would have to be to a country where there is a legal government, and there is no legal government, the government in Fiji has been held by the supreme court in Fiji to be illegal and unconstitutional."

Ballu Khan's Lawyer, Peter Williams, QC