16 Mar 2010

Cooks journalist faces trespass charges

3:30 pm on 16 March 2010

A Cook Islands journalist is facing trespass charges after a complaint stemming from her investigation of the suspended head of the Cook Islands Investment Corporation, John Tini.

Helen Greig, who reports for the Cook Islands News, was trying to take photographs of a vehicle owned by Mr Tini.

The newspaper's editor, John Woods, is adamant the reporter was on a public roadway, but Police Superintendent Taivero Isamaela says Ms Greig will face a charge of being unlawfully found on premises.

"She was unlawfully found in a home of somebody, without permission, taking photographs inside there. As a result the complainant rang the police complaining there was somebody inside his yard taking photographs without him knowing and without the authority of the owner of the home."

Police Superintendent Taivero Isamaela.

Mr Tini was suspended last September after allegations of misappropriation of public funds from events such as last year's World Youth Netball Championships and the Pacific Mini Games.

An audit investigation has also been carried out.