18 Mar 2010

Cooks PM urged to reconvene parliament to deal with cyclone issues

5:36 pm on 18 March 2010

The Democratic and Cook Islands Parties have issued a joint statement, calling for parliament to meet in order to approve aid for cyclone-stricken islands.

The call comes as the prime minister, Jim Marurai, has said he won't recall the house until September in an apparent bid to stave off a possible no confidence motion.

Two rival politicians, Sir Terepai Maoate and Tom Marsters, say last weekend's large aid donation by New Zealand cannot to be spent on the recovery and rebuilding of the cyclone devastated islands unless appropriated by parliament.

Mr Marsters says there are now widespread concerns that the people in Aitutaki, Penrhyn and Manihiki won't get the financial assistance that's urgently needed.

The prime minister is being accused of being both irrational and self-serving for not working towards passing a supplementary budget.