7 Apr 2010

French Polynesia majority still short of numbers for planned changes

3:22 pm on 7 April 2010

Reports from French Polynesia says the ruling majority may struggle to get the 29 votes to install a new assembly president this week.

Tahitipresse says the coalition has only 26 members but will need 29 to replace Philip Schyle whose tenure it wants to terminate.

This is in line with an agreement within the coalition to give the Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party of Gaston Flosse the assembly presidency.

Mr Schyle quit the To Tatou Aia group over the Easter weekend after it concurred with the Tahoeraa that the assembly president was to change.

As yet the Tahoeraa has not nominated its candidate amid speculation that it may propose its leader, Gaston Flosse, for the position.