13 Apr 2010

Increase of geothermal activity on Vanuatu's Gaua

9:53 pm on 13 April 2010

The Office of Geo-Hazards in Vanuatu has recorded an increase of the geothermal activities on Gaua volcano in the north of the country during the past two weeks.

The office's director, Eslyne Garae, says that they have noticed mud flow, more explosions and ash fall.

She says that they maintained the geothermal activity level at 3 but she appealed to government authorities, such as the National Disaster Management Office, to come up with their plan if the situation becomes worse.

More than 250 people from Western part of Gaua are still living on eastern part of the island.

They were evacuated last year from their villages following the ash fall and the pollution of the air.