14 Apr 2010

Solomons chamber of commerce wants MPs pays reassessed

1:17 pm on 14 April 2010

The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce is calling for reform of the way the wages and allowances of politicians are determined.

The call comes after the Parliamentary Entitlements Commission awarded an 11 percent salary increase to all MPs, as well as increasing their discretionary fund, fuel and vehicle allowances, and death benefits.

The chief executive of the Chamber of Commerce, Calvin Ziru, says while MPs salaries alone are not excessively high, the additional benefits and slush funds they can access should be removed.

He says the way politicians' entitlements are determined must also change.

"At the moment what we have in the Solomon Islands is a Commission that is formed basically out of members of parliament themselves. So it's like giving a person the opportunity to determine their own pay."

Calvin Ziru says the increases to MPs' benefits are irresponsible given the country's economic situation.