5 May 2010

American Samoa govt still owes ASPA money

10:26 am on 5 May 2010

The American Samoa government owes more than 2 million US dollars in utility bills to the American Samoa Power Authority, but the Treasury Department says the government

continues to make payments.

The Government owes 2.66 million dollars, as of March 30, with 1.20 million over 90-days.

A Treasury Department official says the financial figures for ASG appear to be correct, adding that the most recent payment of 500,000 was made on April 21.

The official also said that in March the government made two separate payments totaling $750,000.

The debt does not include the American Samoa Community College with an outstanding bill of $225,279 and the separate facilities operated by the Department of Health, Department of Port Administration, and the Department of Homeland Security.