10 May 2010

Student teachers drop out after cuts in Solomons' scholarships

7:16 pm on 10 May 2010

The Solomon Islands teacher training school says a cut in scholarships has forced some students to give up their training and left others demoralised.

The school's head says each year there are usually scholarships for about 300 new students, but the government has cut back the number this year to only 100.

Janine Simi says government research has found there're enough teachers being trained but she says those findings need to be verified.

She says the cut will have an impact on education, and is already affecting teacher trainees.

"When they found out that their scholarship had been cut and they can't afford to pay their fees, they just did not come to school. There are others who have come inside now but they are saying me look, we can't afford to sponsor us when after all when we finish, we will be working for the government and teaching at the school."

Janine Simi says the scholarships are worth more than 3-thousand US dollars and cover tuition, boarding fees, meals and allowances.