4 Jun 2010

Guam Govt seeks clarity on reduced outlay for build-up funding

6:02 pm on 4 June 2010

Guam's Government says it's working with officials in Washington to try and verify reports that the Senate Armed Services Committee has reduced funding for the military buildup on the island.

A document obtained by Japan's Kyodo News indicates that the Senate Armed Services Committee has reduced the outlays by some US$320 million, or 70 percent, from the government-proposed level.

The reduction reportedly comes via an amendment to the US defense authorisation bill for fiscal 2011 passed late last month.

A spokesman for Guam's Governor, Shaun Gumataotao, says they are concerned about the impact of any cuts to funding for the build-up when the amount already allocated is not enough anyway.

"For the last two or three years now the Governor of Guam has been very clear that our needs assessment to ensure that the build-up is done properly is going to require between a one to two billion dollar infusion of cash in the territory."