11 Jun 2010

MV Sili sails for the first time in a year

10:05 am on 11 June 2010

The American Samoa Government owned vessel, the MV Sili, sails this morning to the Manu'a island group for the first time in almost a year since it was down for major repairs.

A huge backlog of cargo was loaded yesterday along with goods and supplies for not only private residents but stores in the Manu'a islands.

The American Samoa Power Authority is sending about 75,000 litres of fuel and gasoline to Manu'a for its generators and vehicles.

Sixty-four passengers have paid 30 US dollars one way for their voyage, as of

late yesterday afternoon.

Samoa News reports that the MV Sili has only minor repairs still pending and they are under supervision of the United States Coast Guard.

A Certificate of Inspection hsa been issued, based on all major repairs being done, with 'improvements in progress'.