11 Jun 2010

Tonga nuclear power plan stuns MP

12:40 pm on 11 June 2010

The suggestion Tonga may turn towards nuclear power in the future has come as a surprise, with one MP saying there has been no information or discussion on the topic.

In yesterday's speech to the legislative assembly, King George Tupou 5th said the quicker Tonga moves towards nuclear energy the better.

The MP, Clive Edwards, says it is difficult to know how to respond to the King's comments.

"We don't know what's happening. There's been nothing come out from the government before on this issue, or any paper or proposal which we could refer to, to see how it's to be done. So it's a statement that's out of the blue as far as I'm concerned and I don't know what and how it's intended to be done."

Tongan Member of Paliament Clive Edwards.