14 Jun 2010

Niue firms up plans for new cabling to stop power outages

6:24 am on 14 June 2010

Niue is getting 45 kilometres of new power cable that'll stop outages but it won't bring better telephone, internet, radio and TV access.

The premier of Niue, Toke Talagi, says the government is not using fibre optical cable but is going with a plan suggested by local experts and the European Union, which is funding the project.

The general manager of the Niue Power Corporation, Speedo Hetutu says they're looking for people to lay the cable.

He says once the work starts, it can't be interrupted.

"That is the main part of the project is to make sure that we have continuous laying of cable from week to week, month to month until we've laid the 45 kilometres in the ground. That is why we go to the private sector - people within the Niue Power Corporation can do it but it will take a bit longer."

Outages are common on Niue - the last was about three months ago but there were about six, two years ago.